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Glen or Glenda? 1953

In his heart-felt cinematic debut, Edward D. Wood, Jr. himself stars under the pseudonym Daniel Davis as a young man with a dilemma: should he tell his lovely young fiancee (played by real-life girlfriend Dolores Fuller) about his burning desire to cross-dress? She has begun to notice articles of clothing missing from her closet; the suspense builds…what should he do? Bela Lugosi plays the omniscient narrator; note his conviction as he “pulls the strings.” Amidst this unintentionally hilarious mish-mash of melodrama, social commentary and inexplicable stock footage, there is something for every taste: countless cross dressers, hallucinatory dream sequences, sex-change surgeries, spirited cat fights, borderline-pornographic simulated sex scenes, poetic monologues, a haunted house, and a stampede of wild buffalo. Released under various titles across the country — I Lived Two Lives, I Changed My Sex — this fiasco bombed across the board but managed to gain Wood enough notoriety in the “B”-movie world to launch a career that is today the stuff of legend. Hailed by most critics as the worst film of all time, Wood nearly matched his first effort with such atrocities as Bride of the Monster, Night of the Ghouls, the infamous Plan 9 from Outer Space, and, perhaps the world’s first topless horror film, Orgy of the Dead. Although few may count Wood among the best American cinema has to offer, Glen or Glenda certainly places him among its most memorable.(ROTTEN TOMATOES)

-Minimalist Tim Burton Posters-

*By artist HEXAGONALL*

Fright Night 1985

With the remake now in the movie theatres let us please not forget the FANTASTIQUE original!!!

A teenage horror film addict is shocked to discover that his new next-door neighbor is a vampire in this delightful mix of horror and comedy. The problems only grow for young Charley Brewster (William Ragsdale) when he expresses his thoughts about fanged new neighbor Jerry Dandridge (Chris Sarandon). His girlfriend, Amy (Amanda Bearse), thinks Charley is avoiding their relationship issues, his single mom thinks Dandridge (Chris Sarandon) could be a potential boyfriend, and his buddy “Evil” (Stephen Geoffreys) just thinks Charley’s losing it. Worst of all, Dandridge and his nasty assistant, Billy Cole (Jonathan Stark), are on to Charley’s wild notions — and have plans to pay him a late-night visit to silence him. With no one to help him, Charley turns to the one man he knows has faced the wrath of the undead and lived, the fearless vampire killer Peter Vincent (Roddy McDowall). A washed-up actor who has just been fired from his job as the host of a late-night horror show, Vincent is not about to believe in the rantings of an impressionable teen. However, lured by Amy’s cash offer, he agrees to help her convince Charley that Dandridge isn’t a vampire. There is just one problem: Dandridge is a vampire and when Amy falls under his evil spell, its up Charley and Peter to drive a stake through their potential romance. (ROTTEN TOMATOES)


*the dark side of a smoke*

The only Belgium Pin Up Girl, portrayed by an American, was actually Latvian. A good beginning for a story that ends with murder.  The Latvian born, but Antwerp based Angelina Saey modelled in the early fifties in front of the highly praised pin-up illustrator Al Moore. Her cheeky grin would become iconic for the Tigra cigarette packaging.

An attractive woman to represent a cigarette brand was nothing new. Paula Bollaert already modelled in 1925 for the extremely popular Belga brand. It was partly because of her praising that Angelina was chosen by cigarette producer Van der Elst as the new face of the Tigra brand.

Although The Tigra Girl  became a Belgian icon, it wasn’t until she got murdered in 1979 that the name Angelina Saey reappeared again. It was on a spring day that the 46-year-old was found murdered in her exuberant villa. Her husband and two sons discovered the body of Angelina in a big puddle of blood and with a knotted cord around her neck. It took two autopsies to conlude that this suicide was actually a brutal assassination.

Until today this murder stays unsolved. Until today Angelina is on the Tigra packaging, forever immortal.(copyright-I Love Belgium)

Night of the Comet 1984

In this satirical sci-fi comedy, Samantha (Kelli Maroney) and Regina (Catherine Mary Stewart) are two sisters whose father was a hard-bitten Green Beret, but who’ve grown into typical Valley Girls. They end up spending the night in a steel-lined room just as a comet passes close to the earth, vaporizing the people in its wake. When Samantha and Regina emerge, they discover that they have the city to themselves, and they begin the shopping spree to end all shopping sprees. En route to the mall, they discover Hector (Robert Beltran), the only survivor they’ve found so far, and they argue over who gets the last boyfriend on Earth. However, the mall holds an unpleasant surprise — a small army of zombified stockboys who the gals must battle using an arsenal they shoplifted along the way (while lamenting that “Daddy would have gotten us Uzis!” after a MAC-10 fails to fire). Meanwhile, a cadre of soldiers from a special military experiment have come out of hiding, but it seems that they need fresh blood to survive, and Samantha and Regina look like just the refreshment they need. Cult figure Mary Woronov also appears in a supporting role as a scientist. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi(ROTTEN TOMATOES)

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